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Science Friction: Hollywood's Love/hate Affair With Smart Sci-fi | Nj.com

The old suspicions of progress and pointy-headed intellectuals began to recede. We were ready to trust the experts again. Oh, there were still a few mad doctors puttering around their movie labs. But generally, the scientists were heroes now either kindly elder statesmen (each usually with http://erinnqve.soup.io/post/474629342/North-West-Walking-At-Pumpkin-Patch-Kardashian a beautiful daughter at his side) or virile men of kim kardashian jam action. And we needed them, too, http://kimikopaizwebstation.sweetcircles.com/ as America was about to be invaded albeit by giant ants, gargantuan squids, suddenly reanimated dinosaurs and a variety of bug-eyed monsters. What's more, this time, the geniuses had the generals working with them. Of course, sometimes they would clash. The Army shot first ("The Day the Earth Stood Still"); scientists wasted time ("The Thing From Another World").
Source: http://www.nj.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2014/11/science_friction_hollywoods_lovehate_affair_with_smart_sci-fi.html

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