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Talking To Animals | Louisville.com

Dave says, Once I http://michelegal.blogspace.fr got hit in the head kim kardashian image with a firework and you could see my brain. He points above his left ear. If you poked it, I kicked. Hes kidding again, the joking bloke. Hook comes in, announces the crews going to get pizza up the road, do they wanna come?Yes. (I do, too, but don't dare force myself on no pepperonis.) Theyre super kind, thoughtful, make sure I got everything I need. I aint gonna keep nobody from pizza, but I say, Well, we were going to play a game... Its like I just cracked open the little http://forpogm890.livejournal.com boy in both of them. Noooooo, says Dave, full of wonder. But we love games. Its the sentence game. You know it. One person writes one line, the next builds on that one, then the next, and it shifts into a little story.
Source: http://bgm.me/r/5068233 http://www.louisville.com/content/talking-animals

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